Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Sorry, But Bodyshamers Are Insecure

I'm really sorry to state the obvious, and to delve into the atrocious depths of pseudo-psychological wankerism. But the people are Protein World are desperately insecure.

Like most defenders of the pro-sexism campaign., those at Protein World make a massive assumption. They think anyone who dislikes the pro-sexism campaign does it because they are insecure and jealous. They wish they could be as gorgeous as the sexists. If only they had bigger tits, and a flatter stomach, all their carefully constructed arguments arguments would disappear, and they would forget who Naomi Wolf even is.

One online comment, which has now been removed, was spectacular. It said it was a case of "wallflower" women being "jealous" of a "super-hot babe". Firstly, mate, nobody speaks in phrases like "super-hot babe" apart from the editor of the Sunday Sport and people's dads when they're drunk. You tried to make it sound like a cold put-down, but you sound like a French Exchange student who came over to learn English as a child and got trapped in the 90s.

Similarly, when challenged about their poster, protein world said:

Where did they get even get the idea of INSECURITY from?! Why are they suddenly talking about insecurity? It's not insecure to challenge a corporation's advertising campaign on twitter, is it? It's pretty confident. You also can't be that insecure if you're the kind of hero who does this:

Feminists respond to Protein World's Beach Body campaign

But, amazingly Protein World, Katie Hopkins, and every other klutz who waded into the pro-sexism side of this argument - instantly assumed this was all just personal. Individual women - and only women - feeling upset because their personal feelings were hurt. There was not even a flicker of understanding that some people object to things on political grounds, or on behalf of others. No idea that some people think of other people.

I feel this speaks volumes about the bodyshaming industry. In that world, in those mindsets, everything is personal. You are only as good as your dress size, as good as your abs. As good as your last instagrammable #healthydish. The bodyshaming industry is all about vanity, so unsurprisingly there is a pretty strong focus on the self, and your own 'achievements'. But the self only has value because of it's current appearance. Renee Somerfield has no intrinsic value to them - she just currently has a good body. A good person is not something you are, but something you are do.

No wonder they are all so terrified of the thought of becoming fat. Imagine the insecurities you'd be riddled with if you thought you would be totally worthless, if it wasn't for your six-pack.

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